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Hotels in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam, and Dooars

Hotels in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam, and Dooars region are available in plenty but our bookings are limited to the service the owners provide. Hence we have personally visited each hotels and has tasted and tied up only after we have confirmed their standard of service. Guests have their individuality hence keeping that in mind the hotels which have their own restaurant and fooding facilities. Hence hotels are decent and are booked as per the plans given below.
European plan - Room Only
Continental plan - Room + Breakfast
American plan - Room + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner
Modified American plan - Room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Hotel facilities

We offer the following services in our hotel and we are try to accommodate guest as per their choice.
24 hours room service
Magazines & Dailies
Multichannel Satellite color TV
Car parking
24 hours running water (warm and cold)
Conference hall
Doctor on call
Dry cleaning / Laundry
24 hours electricity
Pick up & drop from local stand or station

Tips for travellers

LanguageOne can communicate in any of the languages like Hindi, English, Bengali and Nepali. Generally people are soft spoken and helpful.
Dress – North east India is generally cold and its snow during November to February. It is advisable to bring warm clothes throughout the year but heavy woolen clothes during winter.
To Bring – Please carry photo copies of traveling documents and tickets. Knife, Torch, Band aid and medicines are essentials.
Food – Rice / Chapattis / vegetables curries / curries of pork / chicken / mutton / pickles. Local dumplings are momos. Please don’t try anything from road side stall.
Time to visit – Except monsoon the rest of the year is enjoyable. November to January is cold. Snow in November to February is enjoyable.
Buy – Clothes, carpets, brass ware, wooden furniture and other form of handicraft etc are good and worth purchasing. Chinese products are also good but buy only after bargaining.
Safety – North east India is generally peaceful and help is extended to tourist by government and non governmental organizations. Serious crimes against travelers are few and far between and we will be there for any help.
TipsTips are just customary and people expect it. It is not compulsory and no one will ask for it. It is always advisable to give a gift rather than cash.  
Communication - In India is there is an improved system of communication. Telephones, FAX, internet, Telegraph and mails are all available at reasonable rate. Post office, Telegraph office, Phone Booth, Cyber café is there in every villages and towns.
Package – Features - A predetermined itinerary of activities with one inclusive price. Or pick up any one of our pre planned and time tested packages with destinations of your choice and we will put it as a package. These packages are designed after much thought and process and they are planned as per the tourist’s need and feedback. If you need some diversion please contact us for advice.   
Customized – Features - The option to choose your activities at time of booking or to let us know your tour plan and leave the rest to us. We will arrange the rest as per your choice. Destinations and time is yours and we will make it into a package. Please see that the destinations are nearby as traveling much will leave you exhausted or call us for advice.
Hotels and Resorts – If you are in a businessman or a traveler and want to visit this region, you will need hotels and vehicles. Please contact us if for hotel and vehicles at the best rate. Kindly please check out our rates, we have the best deals in the business for all range of hotels from the budget to the most exquisite. Vehicles rates are also competitive.
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